Al-Kausar Unani Kidney Foundation

The Al-Kausar Unani Kidney Foundation, situated in Vaniyambadi, is widely known for the medical cure and healing therapies it has been providing from many years. Aided by the chief physician and director of the foundation, Dr Hakeem S.Akbar Kausar, they have successfully discovered and implemented the usage of herbal drugs for curing various kidney ailments. The treatment has been devised based on Dr Akbar Kausar’s research and study of the unani herbs.

The research results have manifested the effectiveness of these herbal drugs in curing all ailments concerning the kidney. It has been developed by the Bio-Chemistry Dept of the Madras University and the study claims that these drugs are non-toxic and curative for kidney ailments. These findings have been further confirmed by the University of Singapore.

The many aspects of the Unani treatment including the Materia Medica, Pharmacology, diet therapy and regimental therapy, offers a comprehensive cure for all diseases concerning the kidney, lungs, liver and the heart. It adopts an effective merger of the classical as well as the modern methods of medical science for various healing purposes.

The hospital provides many facilities including 100 beds and family rooms to ensure comfortable treatment for the patients. All this is conducted under the keen and experienced eye of Dr Akbar Kausar, who is one of the leading herbalists in the country.

The foundation lays down a few objectives for the benefit of the medical professionals as well as the common man,

 Core objectives:

  • To enlighten the general public about significance and role of kidneys and other vital organs of the human body,
  • It aims to spread awareness and to inculcate a healthy lifestyle among people so they can be well aware of the kidney diseases and adopt preventive measures.
  • To combat the disease by means of a healthy diet therapy and herbal remedies.

Medical objectives:

  • To generate a cure for the modern day ailments by an effective blend of the classical teachings of the Prophet along with the latest developments of medical science.
  • To conduct scientific research on the herbal remedies for kidney diseases.
  • To rehabilitate the kidney patients.
  • To propagate and encourage the curative method of herbal blood purification among the general public.
  • To find low budget herbal medical treatment for the ailments and to preserve the herbs by the cultivation of herbal gardens.
  • To discover alternate herbal solutions for the purpose of artificial kidney dialyses for the blood purification treatment of the kidney and liver failure patients.