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Infertility and Sterility

The ancient unani theories and therapies still have role to play in solving the infertility and sterility problems of the couples.Our herbal treatment has proved its efficacy in natural child birth.

Classical Method

Our classical methods of treatment and herbal medicine offers a complete mode of medication for sterility,infertility,impotency and sexual weakness.

  • It increases the motility of the sperm to increases sperm count, which helps fertility in men.
  • Special herbal preparations and treatment are also available to increase the small size of the sexual organ, to produce more seminal fluid and for healthy natural stimulation and for erection.
  • Blockage of fallopian tubes, small uterus, enlarged uterus, fibroid of uterus, cysts, amenorrhea, dysmenohorria, menses problems can be treated without surgery in women.
  • Hormonal imbalance like loss of sexual desire in women, small breast, sagging breast and menopause problem can also be treated. Our treatment helps the women to give a normal child birth and happy sexual life.
  • We are cultivating unani herbs in our mughal garden at vaniyambadi from which our hospital prepares medicines suitable for a natural herbal child birth.
  • Durian fruit, kasini flowers are some of the important herbs we are using.
  • Other Facilities

    Acupuncture, Cupping, Leeching and some Ilaj Bid Tadbeer Therapies are treated on couples, in Chennai Kasini Hospital by Dr.Thameem Uz zama and Dr. S.A.K. Ayesha Naaz.